Seven Seas is Your Partner in Fresh

Seven Seas brings the freshest produce from around the globe to your door! We grow and source the highest quality fruits and vegetables for our customers around the world. Our locations span the United States and we have international offices in Canada, Russia and South Africa -- we're global!

We are a grower, shipper, importer/exporter, and marketer. Simply put - we pick, pack, and ship. Our commitment to year-round quality produce, customer service, innovative packaging, and private label solutions allows us to serve as your trusted partner in fresh.


pick. pack. ship.

The highest commitment to quality and service

Our Roots

We want to share fresh with the world and we are committed to serving you. Seven Seas holds the highest standard of quality and care from seed to store. Staying current on the latest food safety standards, you can trust Seven Seas to always deliver safe and consistent product.

We are proudly part of the Tom Lange Family of Companies. Click the button below to learn more about our roots in fresh produce.


Our Produce

We are a grower, shipper, and importer/exporter of everything from asparagus and blueberries, to citrus and strawberries -- making us true experts at simplifying fresh for our customers. Find our product on the retail shelves!

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